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A propos de Global Studies; Master. Le master au Royaume Uni est un programme de post-graduation pour les étudiants ayant déjà une licence et qui qui souhaitent intégrer un troisième cycle dans une université anglophone. Ce cycle dure une année pour la majorité des universités britanniques. Etant donné que la structure principale de ce cursus est anglo-saxonne, une préparation. The MA degree in Global Studies (GS) is a one-year Masters program. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide the fundamentals of contemporary international issues as well as detailed knowledge on particular world regions or countries. The MA degree in Global Studies provides wide flexibility in crafting an individual interdisciplinary program. Students tailor the content of their programs within a defined framework to suit their interests. Specific course work is chosen in. The Global Studies MA is a two-year interdisciplinary applied research degree that combines scholarly rigor and practical skills. Students enrolled in the program will focus on analysis of trans-regional and trans-national themes, events, and processes that affect states and societies around the world, such as transnational social movements; the diffusion of, and clashes over, political and social norms; and implications of global trade, investment, production, and employment patterns. Master's in global studies are often the de facto starting point for a career in global studies, whether that be in a research capacity, working in diplomacy, working for a large multinational organization, or educating others about global studies. Master's degrees in this field may be obtained in one of two ways. Some students may apply directly to master's programs upon completing their undergraduate study. These programs are known as terminal master's, and do not automatically. Ce master n'est pas disciplinaire: si l'histoire contemporaine et les études slaves occupent une place importante dans les enseignements, la géopolitique, les sciences politiques et économiques sont également mobilisées à des titres divers dans le programme des enseignements. Enfin, l'espace Russie - Europe médiane est envisagé dans ses interactions et connexions avec d'autres espaces.

The Global Studies Programme (GSP) is a critical research-oriented social science graduate programme. The primary goal of the programme is to analyze the social world we live in by research and work towards envisioning and realizing alternative futures. The programme requires a Master's Thesis The most standard path for those earning a degree in International/global Studies can surmise a standard two to four years to earn a degree. The most common International/global Studies degree earned was a bachelor's degree and it also has the widest range of school possibilities as well - Master Russie-Europe médiane, Global Studies Institute de l'Université de Genève, 2020. -90 p. Télécharger le mémoire électronique. Services à la Cité Retrouvez tous les évènements du GSI dans la rubrique Actualités. Inscrivez-vous ici pour recevoir les informations. Recherche. Les projets de recherche; GSI Working Papers; Les « Midis de la recherche du GSI » conférence de.

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  1. The interdisciplinary master's degree in global studies gives graduate students access to the expertise of diverse, nationally and internationally recognized researchers from a variety of faculties and disciplines in a coherent, thematic framework. Graduates of the program will come away with a nuanced understanding of
  2. The one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies is a full-time program, running from late August to the end of June, and including a January intersession. Classes are taken in the heart of Paris, at Sciences Po's main campus in the St-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood
  3. ant subjects are politics, economics and law on an international level. Global studies is oriented around the study of globalization as it relates to intercontinental politics, the global economy, international law, market relations, the movement of people and.
  4. This international research-based Master is combining perspectives, methods and theories developed in history, the social sciences, cultural as well as area studies and economics to investigate phenomena of global connectedness
  5. 2) Theories of Global Studies: From a perspective of transdisciplinary international studies, the roles of global governance and justice, development and integration of world economy, as well as the main features of changing world orders are discussed. Additionally, students make their first experience with group work and their own projects
  6. The Global Studies major requires students to choose a concentration and a geographic region in which to become an expert. It connects this regional specialization to language training. Global Studies majors will choose one of three concentrations: (1) Global Development, (2) Global Peace and Conflict, or (3) Global Societies and Cultures

Where to Apply The application for the EMGS programme is to be addressed only to the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University (regardless of your preferred mobility track). On the further procedure and documents, see the following pages. Starting from 2020/21, the application will be online and managed through the AlmaWeb portal of [ Master in Advanced Global Studies. The Master in Advanced Global Studies offered at the Paris School of International Affairs is an opportunity for early- and mid-career professionals to follow a one-year accelerated programme in International Affairs The Global Studies Programme (GSP) is a two-year Master's degree programme in Social Sciences. The programme is jointly organized by Albert-Ludwigs-University (Freiburg), Chulalongkorn University(Bangkok), FLACSO Argentina(Buenos Aires), Jawaharlal Nehru University(New Delhi) and University of Cape Town(Cape Town). Students from around the world study at three of the five universities and.

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We are pleased that you are interested in applying for the Master's course in Global Studies within our consortium.Please find in the following information on the requirements and a guide on how to apply The master's programme in Global History and Global Studies aims at providing an advanced education in historical studies with a focus on global history in the context of global studies. In addition, it prepares students for a doctoral programme focusing on relevant questions in the humanities, social sciences or cultural studies The Master's Programme in Global Studies explores globalization from different thematic, theoretical, and disciplinary perspectives. The programme addresses globalization through a broad range of topics such as ethnicity, cultural diversity, gender, migration, conflict, political economy, security, conflict and sustainable development, with gender and environmental consideration is taken. The master's programme in Global Studies + International Development Studies enhances your knowledge and competencies within the area of the so-called Global South with its new growth economies and ever-greater influence on global politics. The combination provides insight into global politics, trade, labour conditions, development policies, finance and resource economics. You will.

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Foundation courses at all places of study provide students with an introduction into this joint understanding of global processes and transregional entanglements. These courses discuss the historicity of globalization and the look at current trends and conflicts emerging from global and transregional constellations Global Studies - Master level for exchange students; Library. Search library collection; List of databases; Opening hours; About the library; Departments. Communication and Arts; People and Technology; Science and Environment; Social Sciences and Business; Contact. Phone book: Find person; Study guidance bachelor; Study guidance master ; About Roskilde University. Vacant positions; Directions. The Master in Advanced European and International Studies - European Integration and Global Studies is a one-year programme that takes place in three different cities: October to December: Berlin Classes on the basics of all the five modules. January to March: Nice Mid-term exams; study trip to the European institutions and international organisations in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg. Read. The global studies master of arts program offers an interdisciplinary MA degree in global studies for students who contemplate careers in international affairs, international development, diplomacy, international organizations, or domestic organizations with an international focus. The two-year program is on the quarter system. Three terms (1 year) is equivalent to two semesters. The degree. Massive economic growth in parts of the Global South has lifted billions of people out of poverty while many continue to live in very poor conditions. The MSc in Global Development provides graduates with the qualifications required to understand, analyze and act in this new and globalized world. The MSc in Global Development is a two-year.

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